Aims & scope

Canadian Journal of Discovery (CanDis) est une revue STEM, non-STEM, en libre accès qui fait partie de Saint Lawrence River Publisher, Canada. Toute soumission qui respecte les normes de publication éthiques et scientifiques reconnues et rapporte des recherches scientifiques pertinentes et fiables sera considérée pour publication après examen par les pairs. En conséquence, la revue accepte et publie également des soumissions décrivant des résultats négatifs ou nuls, de petits pas en avant et des études de réplication.

Canadian Journal of Discovery(CanDis) is an STEM, Non-STEM, open access journal that is part of the Saint Lawrence River Publisher, Canada. Any submission that follows recognized ethical and scientific publishing standards and reports relevant and reliable scientific research will be considered for publication after peer review. As a result, the journal also accepts and publishes submissions describing negative or null results, little steps forward, and replication studies.


1. Upon discovery of incidences of plagiarism in a manuscript submitted for publication, the editors will first decide if the infraction is minor or serious. Minor infractions could be defined as using material word for word without quotes but referencing the material appropriately. Serious infractions include copying sentences or paragraphs without appropriate referencing and the use of data from previously published sources without attribution. Minor infractions may be dealt with in the review process by requiring the authors to make appropriate changes. Serious infractions require rejection of the manuscript and appropriate notification of the author. 

2. Upon discovery of incidences of plagiarism in a published paper, the editors will contact the author to request a "Letter to the Editor." The author's letter should include full explanation of the seriousness of the offense and provide substitute language for the passage or passages in question. If the author will not supply the requested letter, the paper will be retracted by the journal and appropriate notice containing the reason for the retraction will be given to readers. 

3. Upon discovery of a subsequent incidence of plagiarism by an author already warned or penalized for plagiarism, the editors will reject the manuscript and inform the author that they will no longer be allowed to submit a manuscript to Canadian Journal of Discovery (CanDis)  as an author or co-author in the future.

Submit your next article to CanDis for the following benefits:

  1. Open access for worldwide, immediate, and free online access without a subscription
  2. Dedicated Canadian server (internet)
  3. DOI number
  4. Rigorous and fair peer review process with a renowned international board of Editors
  5. Fast publication with no print delays
  6. Increased discoverability with indexing on Scopus, PubMed Central (PMC), and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (under investigation)
  7. No restrictions on article length, color photo or additional charges
  8. Increased readership and usage with no paywalls
  9. Retention of copyright and increased author impact and citations through Creative Commons licenses
  10. Advancement of STEM and Non-STEM Through global access to research